About Our Company


Meta Tech is an ISO certified company - 9001:2008 and a specialised manufacturer of portable cabins, accommodation blocks, prefabricated structures and so on. The brand, Meta Tech, was born in 2010 from the innovative mind of Mr. Nilesh Kukadal, its Founder and Director. Being goal and result-oriented, he is the one who drives, directs and motivates the whole company. It is further reinforced and executed by the core organizational values of best quality, prompt execution and technological efficiency. These values are reflected in its unique customer service which is delivered through the entire team.

The team at Meta Tech strives to implement the projects with most recent innovation, talented workforce and strict quality checks. It is always our earnest endeavour to deliver satisfactory experience for the customers. Every project is undertaken and executed with the utmost precision through our versatile team work. Our core strategy includes -

  • End-to-end schedule and resources plan for meeting project objective
  • Clear communication with all the stakeholders
  • Thorough project tracking
  • Consistent, stagewise, quality checks
  • Timely delivery
  • Getting a detailed feedback from client after project completion


Attract outstanding and qualified people, those with the ability to deliver competitive advantage and superior performance. To attract, develop and retain talent with high caliber. To be an organization that is constantly learning and imparting knowledge to its people at the same time it learns from its experiences.


To exceed our client’s expectations in terms of quality, delivery and cost through persistence in improvement of skills, technology and client interaction.

Our project management and execution philosophy:

  • Create detailed schedule and resources plan to meet client’s project objective.
  • Clear communication with all project stake holders.
  • Thorough tracking of project’s progress.
  • Thorough and constant stagewise quality checks.
  • Try to complete the project before time to ensure timely delivery.
  • Get thorough feedback from client on the project completed.

We at Meta Tech, take pride in each and every project that we undertake. Thus, our clients can be assured that only the most experienced and qualified people are serving them.

Core team

To run a company is not a one man job. It is a collective effort. Just like a chain is as strong as its weakest link, the strength of a company, a lot of it, depends on the efficiency of its weakest member. Which is why at Meta Tech not only our focus is towards meeting our sales objectives but also to nurture the talent we hire and provide them with all the necessary apparatus to sharpen their skills and grow organically within the organisation.

Mr Nilesh Kukadal


Every organisation needs a leader who shares his vision and directs the organisation towards glory and that responsibility rests on the shoulders of Mr Nilesh Kukadal. He considers his company as his first child and he nurtures it by constant upgradation in terms of technology, production techniques, management techniques, etc. He believes that it is the journey with Meta Tech that taught him to be driven, motivated, resilient and determined to grow and achieve more ‘together’.

Mr Roshan Shetty

Head Purchase

The newest member in the core team, although new to the team but he has been associated with the core team for quite a few years before joining officially. He currently heads one of the pillars that Meta Tech relies on, procurement. He believes learning is a life long process and one cannot quit being a student in life. Hence, even in an organisation, it’s the willingness to learn newer things that can help you and your organisation to scale higher.

Miss Naina Shetty

Sr Marketing Manager

Miss Naina Shetty has seen this company grow and get stronger with each and every passing day. She believes she has grown with the company and Meta Tech has now become an integral part of her life. She is strong willed but always ready to reason and a great support to the Marketing team at Meta Tech. It gives her great sense of pride to see their products being a part of so many esteemed projects that adds to the eventual growth of our nation.

Mr Rohit Deliwala

Head Marketing

Associated with Meta Tech Portable Cabins since last five years, his prime focus has been to make this company the apex competitor in the league. His aggressive stance towards the market grabbing every opportunity and executing it with perfection is what makes this company one of the best in the competition. Rohit along with Naina together make up one of the strong pillars, that this company relies on.

Chetan Shah

Head Accounts

The senior most member in the core team who has been a part of Meta Tech Portable Cabins since day one of its was formation. It’s been 10 glorious years where Mr Chetan Shah has been working closely with our Director, Nilesh Kukadal and has seen all the weather changes occurring within the organization. Let not his quiet and humble nature fool you, for his accounting skills are as sharp as a samurai’s sword.

Sudarshan Sabat and Ratnesh Kelaskar

Mr Sudarshan and Mr Ratnesh jointly lead the final but the most important pillar of them all, production. Its their razor-sharp ability to identify flaws and their in-depth knowledge about production acquired over years of experience makes them a formidable team that delivers exceptional quality and timely completion of every single project that they undertake. Their level of enthusiasm is unmatched and their ways of keeping their team motivated cannot be replicated.