PUF Panel Cabins and Polyurethane Foam Cabins

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PUF Panel Structures (Polyurethane Foam) Manufacturer

At Meta Tech a leading manufacturer of PUF Panel cabins provide the best quality, most affordable and hassle-free installations of PUF Panel Cabins, PUF Panel Structures and Polyurethane Foam Panel Cabins. PUF PANELS are thick pre- coated GI sheets / Aluminum sheets and stainless steel sheets with PE film. The core of the panel is rigid foam which is formed by the controlled reaction between two ingredient. i.e. an ISO cynate and a polyol. Manufactured through high pressure injection process in automatic hydraulic press. The puff panels are compressed from pre-coated GI sheets from 0.4mm to 1mm with density varying as per the application and requirement provided by client.

The properties of the poly urethane foam (Sandwich PUF panel / block) should confirm to best International / Indian Standards.

    • Density : 40 + 2 Kg / M3 (PU)
    • Closed cell content : 90 – 95%
    • Temperature range : - 100 degC to + 90 degC
    • Water Absorption : < 1%
    • ‘K’ factor : 0.22
    • ‘U’ factor : 0.019 – 0.022
    • Self Extinguishing : As per ASTM D 1692
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