Container Cabins and MS Container Cabins

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Portable Container Cabins & Structure Details

Portable Container Cabins are a temporary structure designed for office, accommodation, storage, security and many more facilities which can be easily demounted and transported to another location. With the growing trend we have seen a huge demand for portable blocks as they are easily assembled, and the purpose of a block can be changed as per site requirement. Portable Cabins are used for office cabin, conference cabin, Cafeteria Mess, Accommodation blocks, Pre- Primary School, Toilet blocks, Kiosk, Toll booths, Portable Shops, Security Cabins, Parking Car Shed and can be designed as per the requirement. Portable Cabins are custom made cabins and can be used at multiple sites as compared to conventional blocks which requires demolishing the concrete structure making it only one time use.

MS Mild Steel Container Cabins Special Benefits and Differentiating Factors

  • Container Cabins is Time Saver: The construction of Container Cabinss is a time-saving process. It saves a lot of your time compared to building concrete constructions which require months to complete.
  • Container Cabins is Environment Friendly and Weather Proof: PU paints and mild steel are used for constructing bunkhouses. So, they have a longer life which is protected from weather conditions. Apart from this, fungus, algae, rotting and rusting of materials is completely avoided. Due to absence of wood and cement mixtures, these structures are fully environment friendly and weather proof.
  • Container Cabins is Customizable: At MetaTech, we take complete care of customizing the pieces which are tailor-made to your needs. For example, right from manufacturing, deciding its holding capacity till designing, it's made end-to-end as your Container Cabins product.
  • Portability: We use highly advanced prefabricated material. Therefore, the Container Cabinss are light-weight and can be easily moved from one place to other locations in trucks, tempos, lorries etc.
  • Container Cabins is Safe: An added advantage of these structures is that they are compact, sturdy for safe use inside any building, warehouse and basements too. Besides, their weatherproof nature makes it the most preferred material during the monsoon too. Container Cabinss are fire-proof. So, one can easily get time to evacuate during fire break-outs, especially if at a long distance.
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